Our projects.

Open source libraries

Dataflex Console Mode Compiler
Compile dataflex programs from anywhere in your workspace via the command line.

Dataflex Console mode libraries
Create Console mode applications in dataflex.

Generic Dataflex Iterator.
Iterators for files, tables, data-dictionaries. New iterators can be created easily used the cIterator class, and then accessed using the "ForEach" command

Ruby TextAnywhere Gem.
Gem for sending text messages via TextAnywhere. You should be able to find this in the RubyGem library, but I'm not sure what compatibility is for later versions of Ruby.

Wassel - Less and Coffescript pre-processor for dataflex.
It's a bit of a hack, and I should update this to use the new compiler hooks in dataflex 18.2, but this will take lass and coffescript files and compile them for your dataflex web projects.


Small Ads site for Calderdale. Like Craigslist. Calderlist has been placed on hiatus while we work out how to get people to come to a small-ads site when there are hundreds of small-ad sites already available.

Status: Closed


Easy Website Monitoring. Provided website monitoring for a small number of clients between 2012 and 2016. The site was never profitable, and has since been closed down.

Status: Closed

Birdy Birdy List List

The To Do list with a social networking twist. We wanted to create a social website that allowed people to share their todo lists. We got about 50 users, but it was never "social" enough to be a social network. One of those projects I may bring back.

Status: Closed