Contracting services

Visual dataflex development

I have over twenty years experience in Console Mode Dataflex, Visual Dataflex and Webapp Server. As senior developer on a number of back office systems, I have a wealth of experience in the design, development and ongoing maintenance of large Dataflex Projects.

Interested in hiring me?

Email me at to discuss your requirements.

Want Something different?

If you're looking for a team of people, or a company to manage your existing dataflex installation, I can put you in contact with the right people. I have excellent contacts in the Dataflex community, and can help find you a matching dataflex development team with experience in many different industries.

Email me at to discuss your requirements.

Partial List of projects and skills.

  • Fully developing back office modules, including Accounts, PO, Stock Control, Manufacturing and more.
  • Web Applications (including mobile web applications).
  • Experience converting Dataflex 2.3+ projects to Visual Dataflex
  • Development of complex libraries. (e.g. email, mapping, HTML)
  • Tool creation (e.g. reindexing, updating, migrating of tables)
  • SOAP Services and Clients.
  • Project and small team management.
  • Remote client support and management.

All work is carried out remotely. If you need source code to be kept onsite, I can give advice on how to set up Remote Desktop to facilitate this. Alternatively, you can use ODesk and/or any other technologies in order to protect the investment you make. If source code is not kept onsite, I can offer a full money back guarantee for any work (up to 8 hours) which does not meet your required standards.

Tools used.

Tool usage is a personal thing, and every job needs a different tool-set, but this is a subset of the software I currently use to provide an optimal remote contracting experience.

  • Skype for phone-calls and messaging
  • Git and Bitbucket for Source Control.
  • Pivotal Tracker for project Management
  • Kayako for customer support and some basic project management.
  • Dropbox for moving files
  • FreeAgent for time tracking.
  • Remote desktop

Please email me at to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, contact me using any of the methods detailed in the contact page.